The Path Unknown...

The Path Unknown...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The First Few Days/Refeeding

Here's just a quick summary of my first few days of treatment.

Day 1: Initial consultation with Sarah (Counselor/Nutritionist). Gave VERY brief background and began to form a trusting relationship. I know when I'm there with here I'm in a "safe" place.

Came up with a few goals I could work on until our next meeting. First goal...get rid of scale! Having a VERRRRY hard time with this one so far, but haven't seen my weight since. I have no clue where my scale is, and so far have not gone on a scavenger hunt for it. :) NO MORE FOCUSING ON STUPID #'s!!!

Sent to Lori, my Dr., for blood work to evaluate where my body was at before a treatment plan could be developed.

FAST FORWARD >>>>>>>>>

Day 4: Met with Sarah to go over blood work and begin developing the best way to go about treatment for me.

We decided it would be best to separate the therapy from nutrition so Sarah is going to focus on the therapy with me while overseeing the nutrition aspect, which will be done by Molly. Lori will be along for the ride to make sure my body is dealing with everything ok. 

Discussed Refeeding, and and it's dangers. I think refeeding is going to be the first, of many, and what I think is going to be one of the most challenging steps of the recovery process. Refeeing is the re nourishment process. It is a very important part of healing from ED and is a necessary step of recovery. I'm trying to prepare myself for the discomfort and emotional toll that this process is going to have on me during this initial phase.

Sarah gave me a meal plan to try and follow as well as  list of supplements I am to begin taking. To most people the amount of food would seem like very little, but for me it seems like an enormous amount. I'm going to do my best to try and follow it as closely as I can. Sarah said it was okay to begin with a little at a time and not to try and rush into it too fast.

*I am to keep track of meals, feelings/behaviors, as well as keep a journal throughout this entire process. This blog will help me do all of the above!

Scheduled another Dr. appointment with Lori for next week, after which I'll meet with Sarah again.  

Day 5: First day of refeeding

Fell very short of what was outlined in the meal plan, but did eat and drink a little, bit which is already an improvement. 

Today I had 1 grain serving, 1/2 fruit serving, and 1/4 protein serving. I also took all of the recommended supplements and more than doubled my normal consumption of liquids. Tomorrow I hope to add on just a little bit more.

I have so many feelings happening all at once right now, that I'm having a very difficult time putting everything into words. Although these first few posts have draaaaagggged on... I'm sure you didn't notice. haha

If I were to choose the most dominant feelings I'm having right now I would go with anxious, scared, overwhelmed, but most importantly OPTIMISTIC!!!! I AM going to beat this!

Now that I've given you just a little taste of what's happening with me I'm hoping to start posting more of what's happening with recovery on a day to day basis. Things such as bits and pieces of my food journal, feelings, workouts, recipes, pictures, coping methods, etc. As well as just more information about myself so you can better get to know me and not just this loser Ed. ;)

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